Catering Service FAQs

Why should I choose Katy’s Catering over other catering services?

• We deliver friendly and personalized services
• We bring over 35 years of providing exceptional catering service
• We always use farm-fresh ingredients so your guests can enjoy a memorable culinary experience
• Affordable services
• Professional, friendly, and well-equipped staff at your service

What is the average cost per guest?

The cost will depend on the following factor:
• Your choice of menu
• Staff requirements
• Hours of catering service
• Your location
• Travel time
• Supplies requirements

Can I make changes to the menu?

Absolutely! You can make changes to your menu up to 2 weeks before your occasion. After this time, you cannot make changes as preparations will be in top gear.

What happens to leftovers?

If any food remains, we’ll pack it for you or any of your relatives depending on your specifications.

Can I increase or reduce the number of attendants?

15 days to your occasion, we’ll need to know the estimated number of guests for your occasion. After this, you can only increase the number of guests but not reduce them.

Do you have a limit in the size of events you can handle?

No. Katy’s Catering has what it takes to handle any event, big or small. All you need is to let us know the size and we’ll make all the provisions available.

Do you offer free estimates?

Yes. To get your free quote, give us a call or send a message using the contact form on our website.

Do you offer vegetarians’ food options?

Yes. We offer a wide range of menus and your choice will depend on your guests’ needs. You can also request for customized meal options in advance.