Wedding Menu


To book a specific date, an initial non-refundable deposit of $500. Will be due at  time of individual contract date.  Location must have been disclosed and agreed upon prior to contract finalization
The $500. will be applied to the cost of the event.  A date is considered booked upon receipt of the deposit.  Communication to Katy’s Catering must be done 14 days prior to verify your guest count and go over the details.  This is when you provide Katy’s Catering your time line of the wedding.  A date is considered  Booked at the upon the receipt of the deposit.


  1. Bartender $50. Per hour for 4 hours, additional hours $25 per hour after the 4 hour period.(per bartender) Attendant at station $60
  2. Delivery, set up & clean up is an additional charge not gratuity.
  3. Wedding cake- delivery, set up, cut and serve to guest, save top layer and package in small box, package left over cake $ 75.
  4. Prices listed below are based on a minimum of 100 people parties.
  5. Price for parties for less people will be determined

Beverage options

  1. Non Alcoholic Drink Station includes Ice tea, sweet & unsweet and water, ice & cups $1.50 pp
  2. Homemade lemonade station- fresh sliced lemons, cherries, simple syrup, lemon juice, 3 gallon dispenser lemonade already made $2.75pp
  3. Deluxe coffee station- coffee, syrups, flavorings, whipped cream $3.00 pp
  4. Hot Chocolate Station- Includes hot chocolate, marshmallows, syrup & spices, whipped cream $3.50
  5. Punch or Signature drinks (spiked or not) TBD price

Welcome Stations Choose One

While your guests are waiting for the festivities to begin, we suggest that your party has a “Welcome Station.”  As your photographs and memories are being made after the ceremony delight your menu with one of the following choices.


Fresh strawberries with sugar & black pepper dip, Pickle & relish station, cheese biscuits, black eyed pea dip w/ scoops, corn bread sticks and tomato bacon jam.
Italian -savory cheesecake, Antipasto platter: Cheese , local-jalapeno cheddar & pepper jack summer sausages,  smoke gouda, cheddar, swiss, assorted olives, pickled green beans, crackers & bread sticks
Tradition- Fresh fruit and cheese cascade with chocolate fondue dip
Strawberries, melon, grapes red & white, sliced apples, cheese straws, pepper jelly over cream cheese.

Entrée Choices

  1. Buffet- 1 or 2 Entrees with choice of 2 hot sides your choice and your choice of salad and 1 choice of roll
  2. Entrée Selections $21.50 ( 2nd entrée $4.20)
  3. BBQ pulled pork, BBQ Chicken, Grilled Chicken, Chicken Piccata, Chicken or Pork Quesadilla, Lasagna, Meatballs in marinara sauce.
  4. Entrée selection $23.00 pp ( 2nd entrée add $4.20)
  5. Chicken supreme (creamy mushrooms) Chicken Marsala, Hawaiian Chicken, Pecan encrusted
  6. Etouffee/rice, shrimp, or crawfish , Shrimp alfredo, Shrimp & cheese grits, Pecan encrusted chicken or catfish
  7. Low Country Boil- Fresh from the boat 21/25 shrimp served with Butter and cocktail sauce, , Conecuh sausage, seasoned red potatoes, fresh corn on the cob, coleslaw, and sliced French bread.
  8. Beef- Pot Roast with baby carrots, sliced roast beef, Flank Steak Fajitas, Fried Turkey (fresh cooked, pre-sliced)
  9. Premium Selection $25. ( 2nd entrée $6.50)
  10. Beef tenderloin, Stuff pork tenderloin with spinach & cheese, Stuff chicken with apples & cheese
  11. Mexican Entrees $21.50 and 2nd Entrée $4.50
  12. Enchiladas (Red or Green/ Chicken or Beef), Taco bar, Mexican Lasagne, Tamales
  13. Choice of two sides Rice, Beans, Chips, Salsa, Guacamole Bolillo Bread Horchata available

Starch sides

  1. Mash Potato Bar, Grits Bar, Mac & Cheese , Baked Beans, Red beans & rice,
  2. Roasted baby potatoes, jambalaya, Rice pilaf, black beans

Vegetable sides

  1. Green beans- country w/ ham, casserole, w/ new potatoes, bundles
  2. Corn-shoe-peg corn pudding, fried corn, fresh corn on the cob
  3. Spinach – steamed with butter, cream spinach, carrots- ginger steamed, souffle, creamed, Country black eyed peas or Black-eyed pea dip,
  4. Roasted vegetable medley, Broccoli steamed or casserole, cauliflower rice or cheese sauce cauliflower, asparagus


  1. Garden, Spinach, Sunshine, Tomato-biscuit, Tomato- Basil- Moz., carrot-raisin, apple, lettuce & strawberry
  2. Soft Yeast roll, crusty hard roll, angel biscuit, corn bread sticks or muffin, Mexican cornbread, sliced-buttered French bread


  1. Add $3.-$8. TBD also depending on if it is an individual dessert or a dessert station.  We also bake regular wedding cakes.
  2. Layered cake Hummingbird-Praline- Red velvet or sour cream pound, sheet cake, banana pudding, Tiramisu. Strawberry shortcake, Tres Leche